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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Enchantress Leveling Guide Overview

In this Diablo 3 Enchantress Leveling Guide overview, I will be discussing some of the traits, lore, and abilities of the enchantress follower, known as Eirena.

The enchantress comes from a secret order of magic users who have dedicated their lives to preventing the ruin of our world. Legend has it, Eirena and her sister enchantresses were put into a deep sleep by The Prophet where they remained dormant for many years, defying time, aging, and death itself. As the last of her sisters, Eirena has vowed to defend and protect the sanctity of our lands until her dying breath.

The Enchantress is one of three choices of followers you can choose to accompany you throughout your adventures in Diablo 3. Primarily a conjurer of ranged spells, the enchantress provides an arsenal of 12 supporting abilities to help your main character along her/her journey. Some of these abilities, such as Charm, Disorient and Max Hex will help to confuse and manipulate your enemies. Others, such as Reflect Missiles, Powered Armor and Forceful Push will actually help to protect your character when the action gets a little too intense. I will go into much more detail on the various enchantress abilities in the next chapter of this enchantress guide.

Like all followers in Diablo 3, you will not have the ability (some may say the burden) of manually gearing your enchantress as she levels up. Most of her gear will be automatically upgraded according to her level as she moves through the game with you. However, there are a few key pieces of equipment that you will have control over and be able to upgrade along the way.

Regarding armor, you will be able to manually choose your enchantress' amulets and rings. Depending on which specific amulets and rings you choose to equip your follower with, you will be able to enhance specific abilities and stats of your choosing.

The enchantress Focus is the enchantress' unique item in the armor category. The enchantress focuses are very powerful personal items belonging to the enchantress that help her to conjure fantastic spells and enchants. Some of the focuses you will be able to equip on your enchantress include the Mirror, Eye, Scrying Glass, Blink, Crucible, Root, Oculus, Cauldron and Herb...just to name a few.

The enchantress is currently able to use a variety of two-handed weapons. At the time of this article, these weapons include two-handed axes, two-handed maces, staves and two-handed swords. Again, depending on your followers weapon choice, you will be able to mold your enchantress into the specific type of questing companion you would like her to be.

I can think of a number of good reasons to choose the enchantress follower to aid you in the earlier content of Diablo III. Most of them have to do with her ridiculously skimpy outfits but I'll try to focus more pertinent reasons!

As we've discussed, the enchantress offers your character three main support systems. First, she offers additional DPS in the form of ranged magic attacks. Second, she offers player enhancement abilities to increase your attack speed and the amount of damage your enemies will take. And third, the enchantress offers a variety of protective and crowd control abilities to keep enemies from causing you harm as you meanwhile mercilessly destroy them. Actually, that seems a bit unfair doesn't it?

The enchantress will be of great aid in portions of the game that require the ability to control and destroy large groups of enemies at once. She will surely be an invaluable asset in any grinding type situation or, in other words, the vast majority of Diablo 3. One situation where you may find the enchantress' numerous enemy control and manipulation abilities going to waste is on boss fights where the bosses will likely be immune to her various hexes and charms. It remains to be seem if her DPS abilities will be enough to warrant choosing her for such single target occasions.

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