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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Four Keys To Becoming A Crackerjack Sniper On Modern Warfare Three

Modern Warfare 3 is a prime example for how this popular series continues to raise the bar for war games on the Xbox and PlayStation. If you have already picked up MW3, and you've been playing the multiplayer option for any length of time - and who hasn't, that's the most fun part! - then you have probably fallen victim to the dreaded sniper rifle. Getting caught in the scope is a surefire death sentence unless you can first learn how to become the sniper master. When that happens, you can start to take out all that frustration on your multiplayer friends. But in order to really be good at this element of the game, it is suggested that you do the following:

1. Watch the pins.

As the four firing pins grow closer together, you increase your chances of a killshot. Being able to master this element of the game has as much to do with patience and the ability to conceal oneself long enough for setup as it does marksmanship. A missed shot will quickly give away your position and have your multiplayer brethren hunting you down like a dirty dog in no time.

2. Pick a sniper and master him.

There are many snipers on the game, or more specifically sniper rifles, and it's best to focus on mastering one before moving on to another. If you try to mix and match too much early on, then you will confuse the controls and, again, get yourself killed. Different rifles have different advantages, so it is important before marching into action that you take a look at the overview screen and weigh the pros and cons of each rifle. Some have little kick, while others make up for in power what they lack in stability. Your job is to find the one that is most comfortable for your purposes.

3. Choose accuracy and stability.

When choosing a sniper rifle, it is recommended that you opt for one with accuracy and stability above all else. It may not do as much damage to the target, but it will still get the job done without putting your life more in jeopardy than it already is. As you grow comfortable with the action of one gun, it becomes easier to branch out to others the longer that you play the game. But remember, start with baby steps, and you'll be making huge leaps forward before you know it.

4. Focus on perks like fast aiming, sleight of hand, and IDing enemies at a longer range.

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